Web Design 87%
Graphic Design 90%

Brand Management 93%
Online Visibility 93%

Print Collateral 90%
Social Media 77%

Customer Retention
Happy Customers

Reputation Intel Dashboard


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Our system will verify the accuracy of your online business listings across the internet including review sites, directory sites and social networks. Inconsistent listing can lead to poor placement and search engine results.



We compile mentions from unstructured sources including news sites, blogs, &  social networks. We will highlight the most positive & negative mentions using automated sentiment analysis.



We pull results from major websites to view overall scores and see which keywords customers are using to describe your business.



We will send weekly reports breaking down how your business is faring in online conversations and provide actionable information for owners. Alert are also sent every time a new mention is found.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Kevin Barnett

    Business Development

    About Kevin Barnett

    Kevin Barnett, is a budding serial entrepreneur who loves to build businesses that work. Because of his burning desire to build a business that gives back to the community. Kevin serves as a Marketing Chair for the Tennessee Beer Festival and is active in a number of other civic organizations throughout Nashville. Kevin oversees daily operations, sales and company development. He is the ring leader in terms of guiding the long-term success of Hi5 Creative. Kevin has an outstanding track-record in building and managing successful sales teams and earning high-dollar revenues primarily in the real estate and mortgage industry. Through Hi5 Creative, he hopes to help business reach new clients by bringing the newest and most high-tech gadgets to them at cost-effective price points.

  • Testimonial

    Sean Webster

    Business Development

    About Sean Webster

    Sean Webster,  has been a graphic artist since 2005. He attend Nossi College of Art where he studied Marketing and Graphic Design. As a developing designer, Sean creates with the customers target goal as his source of inspiration & drive. “Giving the customer a one of a kind experience and delivering a jaw dropping product is key”, says Sean.

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