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Web Design 87%
Graphic Design 90%

Brand Management 93%
Online Visibility 93%

Print Collateral 90%
Social Media 77%

Customer Retention
Happy Customers

Reputation Intel Dashboard


visibility (1) In order to become the leading company in your industry, you need to be easily found by your customers. We will fix your listings to make them accurate across the internet. Search engines take listing accuracy into account when figuring out your placement on search results. This can help fix your company’s placement on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Why not aim for the stars and become Google’s top 7!


mentions Our system will track sources where you are mentioned on the web such as social networks, news sites, and blogs. The results will be organized into a report and categorized by positive, negative, and neutral sentiments. You will be able to compare mention results to monthly results and see what people are saying about your company and how often they mention you.


review There are so many places across the web that people use to share opinions. It is important to know what your customers are saying about you in order to grow from their feedback and engage with them so they know you are listening. Our system will track all of the reviews and put them into one clean report with an overall score and keywords that people are using to describe your business.


reports You can choose between receiving weekly/monthly reports that include data on your online visibility base on accuracy, possible errors, and missing listings. The mentions and reviews sections of your report will show exactly how your company’s online reputation is. We will show you how you compare to your competition and the industry average so you know what needs to be fixed to stay ahead of the game.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Kevin Barnett

    Owner/ Founder

    About Kevin Barnett

    Kevin Barnett is a budding serial entrepreneur who loves to build businesses that are successful as well as give back to the community. Kevin serves as a Marketing Chair for the Tennessee Beer Festival and is an active member in a number of other civic organizations throughout Nashville. Kevin has an outstanding track-record in building and managing successful sales teams and earning high-dollar revenues primarily in the real estate and mortgage industry. He is the ring leader in terms of guiding the long-term success of Hi5 Creative. Kevin oversees daily operations, sales and company development.  Through Hi5 Creative, he hopes to help business gain new clients by bringing the newest and most high-tech gadgets to them at cost-effective price points while still maintaining a close personal touch.

  • Testimonial

    Sean Webster

    Director of Business Development

    About Sean Webster

    Since childhood, Sean has been an aspiring artist. After attending Nossi College of Art, where he studied Marketing and Graphic Design, he developed a keen eye for the beauty and science of design. His love for art and his drive for entrepreneurship pushes him to deliver  amazing results for his clients. As a developing designer, he works closely with the clients throughout each goal they have set for themselves. Sean uses what the client envisions his or her company to be and uses it as his source of inspiration & drive. Sean’s guiding principle is “giving the customer a one of a kind experience and delivering a jaw dropping product”.

  • Testimonial

    Chance Strickland

    Account Supervisor

    About Chance Strickland

    Chance Strickland is a graphic designer and account manager with a background in public relations and digital media. Having recently moved from his hometown of Atlanta, Chance spent the beginning of his career with a healthcare-focused communications agency, working directly with several high-profile pharmaceutical, medical device and health IT companies. As a public relations strategist, he has helped clients build and implement successful digital media campaigns from the ground up. Outside of his agency work, Chance has spent more than 5 years as a graphic designer, working with start-ups, local businesses, and non-profits to develop professional visual materials with a distinctive modern touch. At the end of the day, Chance strives to develop innovative strategies and clean designs that draw his clients closer to the people they serve, leaving customers happier and communities stronger

  • Testimonial

    Brandon Rolland

    Account Executive

    About Brandon Rolland

  • Testimonial

    Abbey Stanerson

    Account Executive

    About Abbey Stanerson

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Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.

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